2010 Physical Beneficiation Conference • Improved Flow and Entrained Air Measuring

Improved Flow and Entrained Air Monitoring for Process Efficiency Improvements Through New Technology Utilizing Non-Invasive Passive Arrays

Date of Conference: 
July 20, 2010
Christian O'Keefe, Robert Maron, Paul Rothman, Joe Felix
Abstract / Introduction: 

New technology, based on arrays of passive sensors and SONAR processing algorithms, has spawned new capabilities in flow and entrained air monitoring, allowing a higher degree of process efficiency. This new technology, which performs accurate, robust, non-invasive flow measurements, gas volume fraction (entrained air) measurements, and other performance measurements, will be described. Its impact on hydrocyclone flow measurements will be illustrated. Its use in the presence of ferromagnetic ore such as magnetite and pyrrhotite and in flow with entrained air to potentially increase the accuracy of mass balance calculations and enhance hydrocyclone performance will be detailed.

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Technical Paper