SONARtrac Flow Measurement

SONARtrac® Flow & Entrained Air Measurement

SONARtrac - passive sonar flow meter

CiDRA’s line of SONARtrac flow meters is a breakthrough in flow measurement technology. Our passive sonar flow meters provide accurate and reliable flow measurements for a wide range of applications and industries. Over the years, our family of SONARtrac systems has evolved to include a variety of flow meters designed to measure single and multiphase flows from water to highly aggressive slurries. Due to their non-contact design, our sonar flow meters do not have any moving parts or process wetted parts that are subject to wear, or inherent drift mechanisms. Instead, they install easily on the outside of any type of pipe and provide years of service with no maintenance required.

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SONARtrac VF-50
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SONARtrac PW-100

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