2008 CMP • Application of Non-Instrusive Sonar Array-Based Technology

Application of Non-Instrusive Sonar Array-Based Technology to Solve Unique and Difficult Measurement Situations

Date of Conference: 
November 14, 2007
Christian O'Keefe, Joe Poplawski, Robert Maron

Unique and difficult minerals processing measurement situations will be described and the application of passive array-based technology for performing these measurements will be illustrated. Examples of these situations include volume flow measurements in froth lines and flotation feed lines with entrained air, slurry lines with magnetite and other magnetic ore, slurry lines with abrasive or corrosive materials, high pressure lines, and slurry and non-slurry lines exhibiting scale buildup. Other situations include measurement of entrained air levels in pipes and in flotation columns. These measurements are achieved through CiDRA’s patented passive sonar array-based technology. This technology performs two independent measurements – flow rate and entrained air amounts. Two hardware implementations of this technology have resulted in a non-contact flow and entrained air meter which easily is installed on the outside of the pipe, and a submersible version for entrained air or gas holdup measurements which is used in flotation processes. Recent developments in extending this technology to solve other unique measurement problems such as valve movement confirmation will be covered.

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Technical Paper