The CYCLONEtrac Particle Size Tracking (PST) system is a novel system that provides real-time feedback of grind circuit and individual hydrocyclone performance. The technology's value lies in its ability to track the particle size of the entire overflow stream from a hydrocyclone battery based on the contribution from each individual hydrocyclone. This enables real-time closed-circuit grind control strategies targeting improved mineral recovery, increased grind efficiency, while maintaining or increasing plant throughput.

System Features:
  • Tracks Key Parameters of Grind Performance (passing or retained on screen, e.g. %+150um)
  • Remote Monitoring Capability
  • Minimal Hydrocyclone Downtime for Installation and Maintenance
  • One Time Calibration
Plant Benefits:
  • Enables Real-Time Closed Grind Circuit Control
  • Individual Cyclone Monitoring
  • Enables Improved Recovery Without Loss of Throughput